wordpress designer and developerOur web design and development services bring new websites to life and give new life to old websites.

Your website is the bread and butter of your online marketing presence. It is one of few faces where you still have complete control of your message. You can intentionally craft effective, enticing content that instantly communicates with people looking for what you have.

We stand apart from other web designers

  • Search Engine Optimization comes standard in all our development from the ground up.
  • Your branding is consistently applied throughout the design, development, and content.
  • Your designs and designers are welcome. We work really well with outside designers, bringing any design to life down to the pixel.
  • You’ll hear proactive design recommendations that will make the site faster, easier to use, rank better, or better fit your brand.
  • Your website will receive ongoing support. We stand behind our work.
  • Your website will use the best-in-class CMS, WordPress

Most of our clients want the ability to update their online messages and content themselves. And, they want their site to work like it’s supposed to all the time.

That’s why we choose to develop all our sites using the best-in-class, community-supported, open source content management system WordPress. As of this year, WordPress is powering around 18.9% of the world’s websites and adding more every day.

New Websites

In general we:

  • develop fully functional portfolio or e-commerce websites with as many different page layouts as your design requires
  • leverage WordPress’s best-in-class content management system and make content editable by anyone through a dashboard
  • build the site with SEO from the ground up, giving it an edge over competitors and making it more visible to search engines
  • use best practices to make it look and act the same way in all major platforms and browsers
  • train you, or your client, to use your WordPress CMS

Improving or Completing Websites

Sometimes your site just needs an update. Maybe your branding is evolving, maybe technology has changed, or maybe you know of some changes that will really improve it.

Or, maybe you started what was supposed to be “easily building your site tonight” and have found yourself spending too much time and happiness wrestling to make things look and work like you want.

Malama Online Marketing has a web developer able to make updates or bring your site through to completion. We’re very good at stepping in, learning where you are, and helping your site transform into a valuable online marketing asset.

WordPress Plugins

Working with WordPress means we know how to do some pretty customized things with it. If you have a need for a particular functionality for either your own site or to share with or sell to an active WordPress marketplace, let us know. We would love to help bring yours to life.

Teknologo Solutions is a WordPress design and development expert

Teknologo Solutions is a WordPress design and development expert and offers configuration and customization services and assistance in setting up a WordPress website, say if you are too busy or having a problem technically. We offer our services in the Philippines and throughout the world.