Jack Ma’s motivating pieces of advice for entrepreneurs

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Alibaba founder and chairman Jack Ma says he never thought he’d someday stand in front of the world’s finest minds to talk about his dream. But today, he did just that in Manila, where leaders of 21 countries and executives of Fortune 500 companies gathered for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit. On developing ideas ​If 90% of those present at a business meeting vote in favour of one … Read More

Free Video and Voice Call Apps for iPhone and Android

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A smartphone, or smart phone, is a mobile phone with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than basic feature phones. Early smartphones typically combined the features of a mobile phone with those of another popular consumer device, such as a personal digital assistant (PDA), a media player, a digital camera, or a GPS navigation unit. Modern smartphones include all of those features plus the features of a touchscreen computer, including web browsing, Wi-Fi, and 3rd-party apps and accessories. The … Read More

Guide For Social Networking Safety

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Social networking websites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live Spaces are services people can use to connect with others to share information like photos, videos, and personal messages. Listed below are some guide for social networking safety. As the popularity of these social sites grows, so do the risks of using them. Hackers, spammers, virus writers, identity thieves, and other criminals follow … Read More