How to Save Your Business Name As a Profile on Facebook

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Facebook is no longer just for online social butterflies. Businesses can now use Facebook’s social networking tools to promote their company or the products they sell. Anyone who owns or works for a business can create a Facebook profile page dedicated to their venture.

Step 1

Click on the “Create a Page” option at the bottom of the Facebook log in screen.

Step 2

Choose which type of business profile you would like to create. Choices range from local businesses or corporations to pages for specific products or public figures.

Step 3

Enter your business information. By clicking on a business profile page option, you will be prompted to enter the relevant details of your business, including which industry it applies to, as well as the phone number and address.

Step 4

Click “Get Started.” Enter the text displayed in the security window that appears and click “Submit.” Facebook will prompt you to create an account or enter the login information for your current account. If you do not have an account, fill in your email address, password and birthday to create one. If you have an existing account with Facebook, enter your email address and login password.

Step 5

Tailor your business profile. Facebook will create a template for your business profile. On the profile page that appears, you can click “Add an Image” to display a picture when users click on your business profile. You can also use the built-in options to publicize your page by inviting friends to visit it.