Google Page Rank Update 2013

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There have been so many speculations made by different experts and webmasters about the next PageRank update from Google. Many even believed the fact that Google has shut down the PageRank service completely and would not be updating it again. The previous PageRank update made by Google was around February 2013.

What is PageRank and Why It Is Important?

Google had launched PageRank in 1998. It’s an algorithm created by Google Founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin that gives a rank to each and every web page found on the World Wide Web on a Scale of 1 to 10 and was developed initially to rank pages on Google search engine. The higher the number of backlinks, the higher is the PageRank. It became the 1st Ranking factor when Google was launched. Later though, there were several changes made to PageRank algorithm and other factors like outbound links, PR juice or Link juice were considered to set a PageRank for any web page.

Besides that PageRank of a website also became a big deal to make money online. Since its one of the ranking factor on Google many webmaster having high PR (PageRank) websites indulge in selling high PR links and generate income online. Also there are many buyers who are interested in buying domains with High PR at very high rates. Also a high PR blog gets a lot of engagement in terms of Guest Posting and Blog Commenting as every blogger or webmaster is looking for links on these high PR blogs. Even advertisers look for high PR websites to place their ad as they believe that a website having good PageRank always gets good traffic which is in fact true.

Since introducing PageRank, Google made sure to update PR for all the websites thrice in a year as per their performance in terms of backlinks generated during that time. But since the last update on February 2013, Google didn’t update the PageRank and many questions were raise about its existence.

What happened after Google Page Rank Update 2013

Being quite new in the field of web design, we have been longing for a pagerank for our site. After Google Page Rank Update 2013, we got a 3. Thanks Google!

Some of our clients did got a good ranking as well, some even better than us . . .

Again, thanks to Google!